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Furtician Signatures

Puppy Practice Bath

The perfect way to introduce your puppy to grooming.
Our Furticians will introduce your pup to
grooming basics in a fun and safe way.
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Signature Bath

Pamper your pooch with a day at the salon.
A full service appointment that will get your pup looking and feeling refreshed.
Please contact Salon for pricing.

Signature Trim

Is your pet looking ruff around the edges?
Our Furticians will trim your pet to a style of your choosing.
Please contact Salon for pricing.

Our Signature services include nail care, a cleansing and hydrating bath, ear cleaning and a gloss finish.

Signature Service Add-Ons

Spa Package

Fruit of the Groomer products provide a light spa bathing and hydrating experience while enjoying the fruity delights and silk proteins of coat specific shampoos and conditioning masks.


Luxury Package

The Caulerpa Lentillifera extract (also known as vegetable caviar) helps to revitalize the animal’s coat thanks to its beneficial properties. Vitamin F helps to soften, hydrate, strengthen, and add vitality to the coat leaving your pet with a healthy and radiant appearance.


Skin Therapy Package

Keratin deeply nourishes the coat and rebuilds the protective layer of the skin bringing out the beauty and shine of the pet’s hair but also protects the skin from environmental toxins and aggressive atmospheric agents. The soothing properties of nettle help battle eczema, hives, excessive grease and helps prevent hair-loss while leaving the coat soft and shiny.


De-Shed Package

Strengthening cleansing and hydrating treatment with natural silicon to assist in the removal of excess undercoat. Sebum balancing, restructuring, repairing and nourishing. Helps strengthen hair and reduces shedding.

$20.00 for Smooth Coats
Included in all double coated Signature Services.


Dental Treatment
De-Flea Treatment
Creative Color

Time to pamper your pet!

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